Marketing imagery might include promotional photography of your team in action or brand activation receptions and publicity stunts. Whether it's working towards a specific image goal or capturing unexpected moments, I'd love to get involved in your marketing project and help show off what you do.

Serpentine gallery exhibit launch, Marketing Event Photographer image
Man viewing a sculpture at the Serpentine gallery, marketing image
Rainbow nation dance academy pole dancing promotional photography image
James barnor retrospective launch at the Serpentine north gallery, marketing event photographer london image
Rainbow nation dance academy promotional photography gym box image
Held theatre promotional photography in east London, marketing event photographer london image
Black Chapel Serpentine Pavilion by Theater Gates marketing image
Serpentine gallery exhibit launch
Serpentine north gallery and magazine
Kamala Ibrahim Ishag exhibit at the Serpentine Gallery
Marketing Photography

Step 1

Please drop me an email and let me know all about your project. I'd love to then have a chat with you about your ideas. Some events will involve a straight forward documentary photography record while other times, you may need specific shots. I'd love to get you what you're after and more.

Step 2

I'll arrive in good time and work with you to discretely record your event or help you realise your marketing photography requirements.  I’ll be proactive where needed and offer guidance when appropriate. My typical approach is to keep the photography loose and try and capture the genuine energy of your day.

Step 3

Afterwards I will provide a selection of high quality edited images from which you can promote your business. If you need additional advanced Photoshop or design work, I can quote based on my hourly editing rate. My standard rates include worldwide commercial usage rights in perpetuity.